Handling Contaminated PBT Materials

If you or your staff members encounter any situations whereby your paper test materials get contaminated because of a paper-cut accident or a student gets sick on the booklets, etc. during the testing administration of paper testers, we have prepared some specific instructions to help you deal with these situations. You will find them below.


  1. If the contaminated test material is a used answer document, please transcribe answers from the contaminated answer booklet into a fresh answer document and follow steps 3-7 below. If the contaminated test material is an unused answer document, please follow steps 3-7 below.
  2. If the contaminated test material is a test booklet, please follow steps 3-7 below.
  3. Fill out the “contaminated booklet report formcompletely. You may download it below by clicking on the icon for "contaminated booklet report form."
  4. Securely destroy the contaminated material(s).
  5. Fax or email a scanned copy of the completed report form to the attention of New Mexico Program Management Team. Our fax # is 603-749-6398. Our email is: nmtechsupport@cognia.org. (If the form contains student information, they MUST be faxed.)
  6. Please keep a copy of the form on file for your records.
  7. Treat the fresh answer document as normal (i.e., return it the same way you would have returned the original).
  8. If you need to send these instructions to your staff, you can download the PDF file below by clicking on the “How to Handle Contaminated PBT Materials” icon.