About iMSSA

Interim Measures of Student Success and Achievement (iMSSA) assessments are available for beginning-, middle-, and end-of-year administration windows set by PED in grades 3-8, Reading, Writing & Language Usage, and Math. While New Mexico requires that all districts and charter schools administer an interim assessment in regular intervals, use of the iMSSA is optional.

Key Dates

Reminders for iMSSA Testing:

  • Student enrollment/rostering is available as soon as the portal is open for the new school year (as of June 19, 2023 when it opens for formative item sets) except during the times the portal has to be down for maintenance which happen a few times a year
  • DTCs/STCs can either use the bulk upload process or enter students manually or a combination of both throughout the testing window for student rostering/student enrollment
  • The iTester kiosk is not required for iMSSA interims; however, there exists the option to do so, in which case, please follow the best practices for kiosk installation found in the Kiosk Installation Guide and be sure to refer to the latest technology guidelines for 2023-2024
  • There are online video tutorials available for some key tasks to perform in the iTester portal