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This Help & Support page provides all the information you need to keep up to date with New Mexico testing activities.


Additional Ordering Update

  • Please note that the additional ordering window for spring 2021 NM-MSSA Math, ELA, and SLA, NM-ASR, and Spanish Reading SBA High School is now available through May 6, 2021.
  • You can access the online ordering site by clicking here
  • Click here for the full announcement that went to DTCs.

Cepstral Voice Pack Update

  • If you need to use the Spanish text-to-speech feature for a Windows or Mac device for either the NM-MSSA Math or NM-ASR online tests, you can now submit your request for the Cepstral voice pack by going here . You may expect receiving the information requested within 24 hours.
  • If your students use Chromebooks, there is no need to use the Cepstral voice pack since the Spanish voice is embedded within the device.
  • Click here for the full announcement that went to DTCs.

Online Testing Kiosk Update

  • Updated kiosks are available and required for spring 2021 NM-MSSA Math, ELA, SLA, and NM-ASR.
  • Important note for Mac OS Users: A new kiosk for Mac OS is not required for spring 2021. You can continue to use the current Mac OS kiosk made available in January 2020 for this year’s assessments.
  • Windows and iOS applications continue being available for download. Please visit the Apple App Store for the latest version of iTester for iPads.
  • Please visit the Google App Store for the latest Chrome App.
  • Please refer to the NMPED Assessments Kiosk-Installation Guide 2020-2021 for additional details on kiosk installation for all devices.

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